Railslide is a Bluesy Skate Punk Power Trio based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The band consists of Guitarist/Frontman Jake Handley, Bassist Bill Batty, and Drummer Adam Garlow. Having been properly immersed in Thrasher culture, these grassroots visionaries seek to push the limits of Rock N Roll and demolish the obstructing social barriers put forth by the Man. With their dirty bass lines, blistering guitar riffs and dangerously catchy hooks, they have managed to craft a sound that is meaner than the unforgiving pavement.

Working alongside Willis Corley (Producer), Sean McPherson (Engineer), and Darrick Atwater (Mastering Engineer), the band managed to muster up an electrifying three-song EP that packs a punch. Recorded at The Rock Shop and East Atlanta Recording Studios, featuring Session Drummer Darren Dodd, the EP is set for release later this year along with a music video debut.

Jacob Kekoa Handley (Jake Rock)

Jacob Kekoa Handley (Jake Rock)

Hailing from the island of Oahu, where the days are as cool as the surf, comes a chosen warrior like no other; with his tasty licks, soulful pipes and devilishly handsome mustache, Jake Rock is sure to captivate an audience. Driven by his own creative genius and lust for adventure, he barrels into battle, guitars blazing, hell-bent for leather. Legend has it that at merely 6 months, he fashioned himself a small outrigger raft from the rotting limbs of a Banyan tree and began his journey to the mainland to find his hometown of Atlanta, GA. He discovered his passion for music after viewing the cinematic masterpiece, School of Rock, staring the magnificent, academy award winning actor, Mr. Jack Black. The very next day he began saving every nickel and dime until he could afford a modest Fender starter kit. At age 11, he embarked upon a lifelong journey to master the guitar; he began an apprenticeship under Coy Bowles then subsequently continued his training under Johnny McGowan after Coy departed to tour with the Zac Brown Band. Johnny acted as a guide and mentor, inspiring Jake to follow his dream and rock the world with his righteous tunes.

William Stathis Batty (Bill)

Conceived at a Grateful Dead show, the jams were instilled in his psyche from the start. This homegrown Georgia boy brings an electrifying energy that will certainly make you jump. With locks as luscious as a royal duchess and fingers that glide like velvet, he can tote the funk and wield the punk. At the budding age of 10, Bill began his pursuit of slappiness. Under the instruction of Folk Jam master Kevin Fleming, he took his playing to a whole new level, forever "walking the dog down Bassline Boulevard.” (J. Ungaro, 2018) Coming from a family of opera singing Dead Heads, Bill was exposed to a variety of musical influences. He brings you the angst of Sid Vicious paired with the explosive stage presence of a Mexican jumping bean. Bill is the driving force of the band, always rocking his Epiphone Thunderbird down low, with attitude, not altitude.

Adam Wilson Garlow (The Muscle)

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, this cornfed beefcake was built Ford tough. As you will find with most drummers, Adam is a very primitive specimen bred only to hit things… Or so we thought. Upon inquiry about his musical influences, he replied, "I don't really listen to music, I only listen to the beats." We found this a bit odd, but it turns out that Adam's perception of music is purely mechanical. Coming from a long line of mathematically minded drummers, the rhythm was beaten into him at a young age. As a child, you would often find Adam playing with legos and banging on trashcan lids. But like an un-cracked novel, there is always more than meets the eye; not only was he a starting linebacker for his high school, but the valedictorian as well. Throughout the years, he has continued to hone his craft, except the legos are now robots and the trashcan lids, his Orange Satin Flame TAMA Superstar drum kit.


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